In the Garden: June


This is a busy time in the garden.

We do seem to say that for most months, but at this time of year you will be laying the groundwork for Spring and some of these steps can make a big difference to the outcome of your garden.


  • Late flowering shrubs such as Buddelia, Tibouchina, Margeurite Daisies to name a few.

  • Deciduous Fruit trees

  • Peach and Nectarine require regular pruning to stimulate new growth to bear next season. Otherwise they will become straggly, unproductive and bear small fruit.

Pruning should consist of about 50% of the previous  year's growth, including cuttin out internal growing branches and thinning or removing weak side shoots.

After pruning it is a good practice to dispose of the cuttings totally as if left lying aroundthey can be a source of infection, especially as spring approaches.

Spraying with winter oil is effective after pruning or just before bud-burst as a means if eliminating many pest that lay dormant at this time of year.

Planning to plant

Clear exhausted flower beds and loosen and break up the soil.

Apply Lime if needed


Lilums, bulbs and perennials can go in now.

  •   Alyssum, Anemone/Aquilegia(Buttercup Family - Columbines),  Arctotis(Aurora Daisy, African Daisy, Shasta), Begonia

  •  Calendula, Candytuft, Canterbury Bells, Carnation, Delphinium crowns, Dianthus,Gypsophila(Baby's breath), Lobelia, Lupin,

  •  Myosotis( Forget Me Not), Ornamental Kale,Pansy, Penstemon, Polyanthus, Poppy(Iceland ,Oriental), Statice, Stock,Sweet William, Sweetpea 


  Dahlia's:    Lift tubers as tops die back. Store under cover.

  Perennials    Lift and divide      


(e) this is the last month to plant out and achieve best results

(p) there will be another chance next month to get it in the ground.

(b) the beginning of the season so in general we will have a bit of time.

(su) start undercover in seed trays before transplanting to garden

(t) transplant seedlings to beds

Aspargus and Rhubarb crowns can be planted now.

  •  Beetroot, Broad beans(e) (Fava Beans), Cabbage(t) (including Chinese),Carrot, Cauliflower(t),

  • Celeriac(t), Celery(t), Chicory/Witlof(e), Chives,Collards(t), Garlic(p), Kale(t), Kohlrabi,

  • Lettuce, Mustard Greens, Onion(su), Pak Choy(e), Parsnip(b), Peas,Radish, Rocket,

  • Shallots(Eschalots)(p),Silverbeet, Snow Peas(p)



Dont overwater - allow soil to become slightly dry.

If near heaters - check regularly for leaf-burn.

If room is warm and dry  - mist plants regularly


Considering new roses - Plant them now


Now is the time to make or lay your lawn.

If you have deciduous trees regularly rake the leaves into piles to get off the grass and to use around trees and shrubs to use as a weed suppressor while the leaves valuable organic matter break down.

Citrus / Fruit

Plant new fruit trees and berry fruit bushes.

Strawberry runners into well drained ridges


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