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In the Garden: Lawn Refresh for Spring


Well, Spring is officially here - where did that time go?

If like me, you are looking at your lawn and shaking your head about what happened to it, there are several actions you can take to help refresh it depending on your time, budget and willingness.

Your lawn may look quite sad, and it may turn out that you may need to lay some new turf to help get things moving. Now is the time to hook in to get it looking good before the heat of summer proper arrives.


If you decide it is easier and quicker to relay or add some fresh turf into the mix, Check out the range we can access in both Couch and Broadleaf varieties.
The range includes Empire Zoysia, Wintergreen, Nullarbor, Palmetto, Prestige, to name a few.  

Nara Native is one of the slower-growing turfs and closest in appearance to the hard to get at times Blue Couch varieties.

If you feel your lawn is recoverable and you have the time to invest, then some things can be done like; dethatching, coring, aerating, top dressing and even overseeding - separately or in conjunction with each other.

While you are trying to get your grass to get a wriggle on and grow, here are some things that may help encourage what you have to grow and spread.
Mow Tall - if more leaf surface is exposed your grass has more ability to process the food and water you give it along with responding to the increase in sunlight.

By Snipping off the tips or growing points, where the new leaves start to develop, it encourages plants, or grass, in this case, to thicken up, spread out and develop into a tightly woven delightful carpet of green.
If you mow the grass too low and short, it will allow problems to start to enter the mix.

When mowing -to reduce stress the same as when pruning- it is suggested to work by the rule of thirds.
Don't remove more than a third of your lawn's height in a single mowing.

Frequency and Sharp mower blades - as the days warm up and growth reactivates you will find that you will need to mow more frequently than you have had to over the winter period.
Sharp blades help reduce mowing time and also cuts the lawn blade cleanly this will ensure it recovers quickly.

Feed your lawn. - Topdressing will start the process. Feeding the soil regularly, allows the nutrients to be available as and when the grass needs it.

If you decide you need to dethatch or go to the next level and scarify you will need to prepare and reduce the height of the grass you have left before starting the process.

You may have seen some of the results that people have had, shared on our Facebook page.

If you are looking for advice, guidance or someone that does Lawn Care professionally have a chat with one of our team - we have heaps of resources to access for information and customers that work in the industry.


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