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In the Garden: The Benefits of Barks, Mulches and Chips|Gardenscapes


Why Mulch Is The Perfect Choice For Australian Gardens

Using mulch offers so many benefits to Australian gardens. It can serve as a fantastic functional and aesthetic addition to your property.

Here, we explore the many benefits of mulching and how this simple material can help the growth and health of your plants and vegetables.


The Key Benefits of Using Mulch

  • When you understand mulch and what it can offer your garden, you quickly realise that the benefits are practically endless!

Some of our favourites include:

  • Colour enhancing your landscaped gardens.
  • Enriching soil used for growing vegetables and plants.
  • Preventing evaporation of moisture from soil.
  • Weed suppression.
  • Reducing erosion of banked areas.

Which Type of Mulch to Choose?

Any great landscaping supplies store should carry a comprehensive selection of mulches, but which one is right for you?

Various mulches on the market offer different characteristics, including enhanced colour for visual impact, soil enrichment, evaporation prevention, and weed suppression.

We recommend selecting from the following:

  • Sugar Cane Mulch - Perfect for topping vegetable garden beds as the molasses sweetens the soil.
  • Cypress Mulch – Offers the benefit of being termite resistant.
  •  Forest Mulch – A heavy, course mulch which is great for holding position on steep inclines.
  • Cypress Uluru - This dye-coloured mulch adds fantastic colour to your landscaping.

Factors to Consider

These different mulches offer a diverse array of characteristics to meet your specific requirements.

Things to consider when choosing a mulch or chip include:Colour matching to suit your design.

  • Cypress Mulch offers termite resistance.
  • Dye-coloured mulches like Cypress Uluru Red add a fantastic pop of colour to augment your landscaped area.
  • Binding mulches or course mulches such as Hoop or a blend are better suited to steep inclines as it holds its position better than a chip product.
  • Sugar Cane and Lucerne mulch are great for topping vegetable gardens. Not only do they prevent evaporation and potential ‘crusting’ of soil which can decrease water permeation, but as it breaks down it feeds sweetness, and in the case of Lucerne Mulch, nitrogen into the soil.

While mulches do offer a certain amount of weed suppression, it is recommended to consider the use of weed mat or mulch mat as an added barrier.

Finding the Best Mulch

As with all landscaping products, quality depends on the source.

Budget mulches such as leaf litter, forest mulch and hardwood chip are a result of recycled off-cuts, and can therefore vary dramatically in colour, size and characteristic. Processed mulches like Cypress Mulch are more consistent as they have been through a manufacturing process and need to meet a higher specification.

Mulch pricing can range from around $25 m3 to $120 m3 and while budget restraints can factor into your decision, choosing the best mulch for your purpose will prove more cost-effective in the long run.

For an unrivalled selection of mulches, barks and chips that provide the benefits your property needs, visit Gardenscapes Landscape Centre today. Our premium products are matched by our expert team, who are ready and waiting to offer the assistance you need.


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