In the Garden: Iron Deficiency


Syptoms of Iron deficiency.

Yellowing of leaves, leaf veins green and the rest of the leaf turning pale green/ yellow.       

Iron is essential for plant growth and its resistance to disease.                               

Iron can be lost by overwatering and periods of long rainfall or pH over 7.

Once the rain has gone it is a very good time to add iron to plants.

Some plants require more iron than others, such as:

    • Camellias

    • Gardenias

    • Azaleas

    • Roses

    • Fruit Trees.

If  Iron deficiency is due to heavy rain you can use Iron Chelate every 3 - 4 weeks until the yellowing stops.

This however does not alter the pH level of the soil.

Therefore if your pH is higher than 7 and plants such as Camellias and Gardenias are your desire, you will need to use Sulphur powder which is an additive for the soil.

 This is a slower process but well worth the effort to maintain a healthy and happy tree. 


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