In the Garden: Iron Deficiency


Syptoms of Iron deficiency.

Yellowing of leaves, leaf veins green and the rest of the leaf turning pale green/ yellow.     

Iron is essential for plant growth and its resistance to disease.                 

Iron can be lost by over-watering and periods of long rainfall or pH over 7.

Once the rain has gone it is a very good time to add iron to plants.

Some plants require more iron than others, such as:

    • Camellias

    • Gardenias

    • Azaleas

    • Roses

    • Fruit Trees.

If  Iron deficiency is due to heavy rain you can use Iron Chelate every 3 - 4 weeks until the yellowing stops.

This however does not alter the pH level of the soil.

Therefore if your pH is higher than 7 and plants such as Camellias and Gardenias are your desire, you will need to use Sulphur powder which is an additive for the soil.

 This is a slower process but well worth the effort to maintain a healthy and happy tree. 





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