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Lawn Guide - New Lawn


Looking for the right turf for your new lawn?

We have never been so spoilt for choice when it comes down to new lawn options.

The Australian Turf Industry standard has grown immensely in recent years. Some of the best independant turf farms have have formed an affiliation to ensure that the range of grass varieties available are scientifically proven as the best performers for our climate.

When choosing your lawn, keep in mind that quality and freshness matters - it's an investment for your home and you should feel confident that you are getting a quality product backed by professional service.

While price may be a factor you are considering, keep in mind freshly harvested, high quality lawn can often save you costly turf replacement down the track.

Consider how it will be used

Get more from your lawn by matching it with your lifestyle and intended use. Each variety of grass has an unique set of traits that responds differently in various applications, therefore it is important to consider what you want from and how you intend to use your new lawn.

For ideas or suggestions to consider,  ask in store for the New Lawn Guide  for guidance between fine or broad leaf, low maintenance or sun vs shade and more.

Find your best match for your wants, needs and budget, as a start review the Lawn Comparison Guide, and for more information on the variety's available look on our product pages.

For help or guidance on how to measure your site, ask our team and / or pick up a copy of the New Lawn Guide from in store.

Keep in mind, that just as important as selecting the right grass,  is the choice of a soil that will support and nourish your lawn from when it is laid.

We take that so seriously that we manufacture our soils and have developed a specific Underturf Soil, so when preparing, talk to us about your site to make sure you get the best soil for your situation. 


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