Soil pH


It's important to do regular soil pH tests in your vege garden; especially after heavy rain as a lot of nutrients will have been leached out.

Measurement of the relative acidity or alkalinity of soil provides a guide to the overall chemical balance of the soil.

The pH scale is divided into 14 points.

Seven is the neutral point and each number below seven indicates ten times more acidic while each number above seven indicates ten times more alkalinity.

Soil pH determines the availability of soil nutrients to plants. Plants do not grow well outside the range of 4.5 - 8 and most nutrients are available in relatively neutral soils (pH 6 - 7.5)

To help return soil to a more neuatral balance consider the following.

If the soil is

too acidic (below ph7) use dolomite or garden lime a few weeks before sowing.

too Alkaline (above ph7) use a sulphite of potash.

Before planting out seedlings be sure to dig in a good organic fertiliser such as organic xtra.

Once seedlings are established be sure to keep nutrients up by using a liquid feed such as Searles Fish & Kelp.  A good time frame for this would be each 2 weeks.

Mulch the vege bed with sugar cane mulch - this well help to retain moisture and keep your medium more consistent for the growth and return of your vege crop.

 For more information or assistance with soil tests come in and speak with one of our team members.


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