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Soil Wetting Agent - What does it do



Due to our current dry, unseasonal warm weather, natural materials such as soils become Hydrophobic.

This simply means water repels on the surface, rather than being absorbed into the soil or planting media.

As a result, the growth performance of plants or turf can be affected due to the lack of available water being retained.

Given Spring is the perfect time to start planting or resurrecting your lawn after the dormant Winter period, it is highly recommended that a Soil Wetting Agent is applied to your soil prior to planting gardens, laying new turf or top dressing existing lawns.

This will ensure water is absorbed and retained in the roots of the plants or turf to enable better growth as well as saving water consumption.

We would also encourage mulching of gardens once planted.

This will help to reduce evaporation and the mulch will breakdown to feed organic matter into the soil.

If you are planning to invigorate your yard soon, be sure to ask our team at Gardenscapes about Easy Wetta Soil Wetter and the best mulch for your garden when you purchase your soil.







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