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no sorghum and a larger percentage of alternative cereal grains

Jenco Premium 17% ‘Sorghum Free’ Layer Mash is extremely nutritious and healthy for your hens.

Superior nutrition ... With no sorghum and a larger percentage of alternative cereal grains, Jenco 17% ‘Sorghum Free’ Layer Mash is the ideal premium feed for hen owners seeking a premium poultry feed.

To enhance egg production and the overall health of your hens, Jenco 17%‘Sorghum Free’ Layer Mash includes:

  • A protein concentrate pellet containing a vitamin and mineral premix
  • A natural active enzyme that is proven to boost digestion and metabolism.
  • Naturally sweetened with molasses and vegetable oil to increase palatability.


This formulation consists of ingredients selected from the following list: Wheat, Maize, Oats, Barley, Protein Concentrate Pellet, Cr. Lupins, Grey Stripe Sunflowers, Black Sunflowers, Limestone, Vitamin and Mineral premix, Natural Enzyme, Molasses and Vegetable Oil. Nutritional analysis Protein min: 17. 0 % Fat min: 2.60% Crude fibre max:3.80% Calcium min:3.00% Salt min:0 .16%

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