Gardenscapes Quantity Guarantee Policy

Gardenscapes Quantity Guarantee makes sure that customers get the correct volume or amount of a product when purchasing loose products and single units.

Our Policy protects the customer by

  • Preventing overloading of customers vehicles & Trailers, which could otherwise result in non-compliance to QLD Transport Laws.
  • making sure there are no major safety concerns for the public on carriageways
  • Preventing unwanted product surplus for the customer.
  • Ensuring customers get what they purchased, precisely: both in quantity & correct product.

We base The Quantity Guarantee on

  • Using certified loader scales and certified struck loader buckets.
    ( A Struck Loader Bucket is a term for the accurate measure for volume capacity. This is usually determined by using water levels below a straight line from the cutting edge to the bucket back sheet. This is done using a known volume of water to test the bucket capacity.) Our loader buckets go through this during manufacture.
  • Periodically use a known weight to calibrate both scales & loader buckets, checking they do weigh as expected.
  • Regularly "taring off" delivery vehicles when visiting quarries. Quarries have large and accurate vehicle scales. By doing this, we ensure we work within the payload limits of each vehicle.
  • Records of truck load compliances.
  • Use of printed loader scale dockets when loading, meaning we maintain records of weights supplied.
  • Regular calibration of loose product. We regularly check-weigh the product to confirm whether the weight remains as recorded prior or is updated if there is a change.
  • Adjustments to volume process due to products affected by excessive moisture. (Loading by Volume) some products may weigh more or less depending on whether they are wet or dry. We keep records of these so that we can supply the correct quantity regardless.
  • Consistently sourcing feedback from both Team Members and customers.
  • Keep Quantity Processes front of mind with thorough initial & ongoing training with Team Members.
  • Conduct Periodic internal audits of data & processes to ensure accuracy & adherence.

Gardenscapes Quantity Guarantee is a pivotal component of Gardenscapes Customer Satisfaction Charter, allowing our customers to have confidence and peace of mind.

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