Safety – OH&S Policy

We hold the safety & wellbeing of our Customers & Team Members as our highest priority.

Integrating OH&S Policies and Processes ensures we provide the highest level of safety for our Team Members, Customers & the General Public. 

The Policies cover Three main areas

  • Team Safety
  • Visitor Safety
  • Vehicle Safety

Team Safety.

At the core of our business, maintaining a safe working environment for our Team is paramount. Focus on Team Member Health & Safety helps to ensure job satisfaction, productivity and longevity.
Our OH&S Policy includes:
Monthly Hazard Identification Checks, 
Up To Date MSDS for products handled onsite, 
regularly reviewing and researching current and potential health issues that may impact our business 
offering team building activities and support services.

Visitor Safety.

Unlike our Team members, who spend a good portion of their week onsite, visitors may be unfamiliar with our site layout and the potential risks a Landscape Centre can present. Besides providing safety for our visitors, our communication practices and clear directions work well with the Hazards Check mentioned.

By maintaining a clean, uncluttered site, we reduce potential hazards, which allows for clear identification for customer parking and easy movement around the property.

Gardenscapes utilize certified loader buckets & scales to ensure our customers are loaded legally and safely.

Other avenues to dramatically reduce onsite risks include: 
Adhering to processes regarding UHF communications,
Team members providing clear directions to customers,
Providing safe traffic movement on the property.

We also implement procedures to deal with:
Infectious Diseases outbreaks, 
Acts of Nature 
and a worst-case scenario, accident response protocol including: 
first aid kits, 
fire extinguishers 
and an evacuation plan. 

Vehicle Safety.

Our fleet of delivery vehicles and plant equipment is our lifeblood. Providing safety regarding the operation of these vehicles is crucial in all areas; onsite, on public carriageways and private property. 

All vehicles are pre-checked daily before first use. 
We ensure each is
fully insured, 
maintained and serviced within manufacturers guidelines, 
kept clean inside and out,
if the vehicle has any issues, that it gets removed from service until the vehicle is roadworthy.
As part of adhering to governing truck payload limits, we use certified loader scales. Our expectations and standards for our Fleet drivers and plant operators are very high. Our drivers must adhere to these expectations when operating our vehicles for the safety of the public. This adherence includes observing speed limits, road directives and sensible operation of the vehicle.

To remain forefront in providing safety for all concerned, our OH&S Policy is robust and fluid, allowing for changes depending on alterations to industry and laws. 

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