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Acelepryn GR Insecticide 4kg Bucket | Lawn

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provides unmatched, season-long grub and caterpillar control in a single application.

Convenient and flexible granule formulation. ACELEPRYN GR.

Your turf spaces are protected for longer because of the efficiency and longevity of performance.

Its clever design, no-spray option means ease of use and minimal disruption to the community making it exempt from poison scheduling, thus reducing PPE requirements for workers.

Controls a wide range of insect pests including:

  • African Black Beetle,
  • Argentinian Scarab,
  • Billbugs

and several species of caterpillars including

  • Cutworm,
  • Sod Webworm
  • and Lawn Armyworm.

See More Info Tab for Application and Directions


More Information
More Information


  • A 4kg bucket of LawnPride Acelepryn Grub Killer Granular can treat up to 260sqm. 
  • best applied by a fertiliser spreader to ensure even application.

This product is safe for use around children and domestic cats and dogs.

Use with Hydramaxx for more effective results

Application Rate – 1.5Kg/100sqm

If there are active pests, leave for 24hrs before irrigating in. Otherwise irrigate thoroughly once applied.


Label|Safety Directions | SDSBrochure

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