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How to Build a Pebble Water Feature in 5 Simple Steps



More than just their stylish aesthetics and attractive features, pebble fountains can fill your garden with the soothing sounds of running water.

They also attract local birds and other wildlife, making your space even more special. Importantly, they’re also family-friendly, meaning they pose no safety hazards for kids or pets.

By building your own pebble bath, you can add to the artistry of your home and garden, without having to dig deep into your pockets or make major alterations to your property. Gardenscapes Landscape Centre can help you learn how to build these garden water features with five simple steps. 

1) Design Your Fountain

Think about what you want the result to be.

Where will your fountain stand in the garden, which way will it face, how tall will be it, and what kind of style will it offer? How will it access an electrical outlet or extension cord?

From these initial practical steps, you can then start to think about what materials you’ll need to gather.

2) Collect the Parts

Gather the three main parts of a garden fountain: the water reservoir, water pump and design elements.

The reservoir can be any watertight tub or barrel, and it can be above or below ground.

The pump will need to be strong enough to push water up the fountain, which will depend on which fountain design you’ve chosen.

The design elements can range from river stones to a sculpted fountainhead.

3) Assemble the Parts 

Mount the water reservoir, whether that’s an above-ground design element or set into the ground.

If set in a hole dug into the ground, add a few centimetres of gravel at the bottom so the reservoir can drain, and make sure the upper part of the hole is a snug fit for the reservoir.

Fit the water pump into the reservoir.


4) Add the Pebbles



Add pebbles over the fountain, to hide parts such as the lining of the pond or the power extension cable.

If you’re searching for these supplies, Gardenscapes Landscape Centre stocks a large range of gravels and pebbles.


We offer enough variety to suit any fountain design,  and range from as small as 4 mm to a comfortably large rock. Our most popular pebbles span 20 to 50 mm and seem to be the most effective choice for pebble fountains in Queensland.

5) Enjoy Your Water Feature!

Add enough water for the fountain to stay fully submerged while the pump is operating.

Then, you’re set!

When you’re ready to start your garden water feature, you can call or pop in to see us at the store with any last questions or queries.


Our team are water feature wonders and always happy to help!


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