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Preparing to Lay a New Lawn - Our Top tips


How to Lay Turf and Get a Greener Lawn | Morayfield & Deception Bay

Thinking of laying a new lawn? 

It’s important to prepare the area thoroughly and use quality underturf soil. Learn more about high quality soil &turf from Gardenscapes Landscape & Produce Centre.

Tips for Creating a New Lawn

The Grass does not have to be greener on the other side, laying turf is an easy way to replace patchy grass without waiting months for the grass to grow.

When you’re laying new turf, it’s important to prepare the area thoroughly so the new grass can flourish. If you follow these steps, you’ll have a beautiful lawn in no time.

The Best Time of Year to Lay Turf

Ideally Spring or very early summer is the best time to lay Turf as it needs mild weather to take root.
Plan prepping your yard around the time of year you want to lay the turf.

Preparing for Your new Lawn

Prepping and leveling the area for Laying turf gives it a good starting point for an easy to maintain lawn in the years ahead.

To give the turf a level surface prep the area by removing rocks, debris, and weeds – whether it is scraping/ digging them out or treating with poison.

Use Quality Underturf Soil

Underturf soil is specially developed to encourage initial growth. Underturf soil has nutrients and a formulated pH balance that helps turf take root.

Turf thrives when soil has a pH between 6.0 and 7.2.


Underturf soil should be spread between 50 – 100mm in depth.  Screed the soil to get it level.
Laying turf on a properly prepped and level area gives it a good starting point for an easy to maintain lawn in the years ahead.

How will you water your Lawn?

When it comes to watering the lawn, if you're considering an irrigation system, now is the time to plan and prepare for it before you lay the turf.
If you plan to water the lawn by hand, then ensure you plan how to keep the water up to it while it is getting established.


Quality Turf Matters

Even the best prepped yard won’t stand up to poor quality turf, that’s why you need to choose the correct variety of turf. Talk to us, as we can provide guidance with choosing the most suitable turf for you.

At Gardenscapes Landscape & Produce Centre, our team can deliver turf and landscaping materials 7 days a week.
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