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Why Top Dress Your Lawn


How to Top Dress your Lawn for Regrowth 

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Top dressing involves spreading a thin layer of compost or sand over your lawn. Gardenscapes Landscape & Produce Centre can provide guidance and a range of top dressing materials.

Why Top Dress Your Lawn


Over time a layer of dead grass can develop between the tip of the grass and the roots – this is called thatching.

This can lead to hollows and an uneven surface on the grass and make it harder for nutrients to make it to the roots.

Top dressing the lawn helps enrich and deliver nutrients to combat this issue.


What is involved in Top Dressing your Lawn?

About a week prior to top dressing mow your turf to its recommended height or reduce down no more than one third of your normal mow height.

Top dressing involves spreading a thin layer of sand with or without added fetilisers over your lawn and then watering in well. This adds more nutrients to your existing soil to help your grass grow through the top dressing material.


If your lawn is relatively new, then top dressing it will help build up the hollows between each slab from when it was laid, or fill in hollows or bumps from worms, birds and other incidents.




If your lawn has been established a while, you may notice there is a gap between the lawn and the soil.

Topdressing can help reduce stress to the lawn and bridge that gap.


How Thin Should Topdress be spread?

Top dressing material should be fine enough to be able to filter down through the small gaps between your grass to the soil.

We recommend that the top-dressing layer be no more than 10mm (about 0.1 of centimeter). Rake through to make sure there are some green leaf tips of grass coming through before watering.

Once spread, watering the top dress will allow it to filter down to the root bed and supply minerals and nutrients to the lawn and give it a good boost.


Benefits of Top Dressing Your Lawn

Whether your lawn is on its last legs or not, every lawn can benefit from top dressing.
Unless you have a soil that does not contain a high level of nutrients, top dressing every year or two may be all you need to do.

Here are a few of the benefits of top dressing your lawn:

1. Improves the soil: Top dressing allows you to introduce more nutrients to your soil to increase your grass’ resiliency and lifespan.

2. Levels the lawn: Top dressing introduces material into the bumps and ridges of your lawn to level the surface and ensure an even water.

3. Renovates a patchy lawn: If your lawn has dead patches, you can use top dressing as a method to save them and revive your entire lawn’s health.


Finding Quality Top Dressing Material

Gardenscapes Landscape & Produce Centre is a leading provider of yard and landscaping materials.

We offer lawn top dress materials that are the perfectly balanced blend of the finest sands and fertilisers.


If you’re interested in learning more about how top dressing can revive your lawn, contact our team on 07 5498 5200


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