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Unhulled Bermuda Couch


Available in a 25kg bag, Bermuda grass,  more commonly as Couch grass in Australia.
Is a warm season turf grass whuch grows and propogate by a series of runners. These runners include above ground runners (stolons) and / or below ground runners (rhizomes)
This variety is a fine to robust perennial, mostly with rhizomes.

Rhizomes can penetrate 40-50 cm in clay soil and 70-80 cm in sand. Foliage dense, 10-40 cm tall (rarely to 90 cm)

  • Widely adapted to soils and climate.
  • Palatable.
  • High nutritive value when young.
  • Excellent ground cover for soil conservation .
  • Tolerant of heavy grazing.
  • Makes useful hay and silage .
  • Tolerant of salinity.
  • Tolerant of flooding.


  • Low production unless well fertilised.
  • Can become a weed in cultivation.
  • Difficult to eradicate.

Grows in grassland, lawns and pastures and as a weed in cultivation. Locally dominant along roadsides and overgrazed and trampled areas.

Used in permanent pastures for grazing or cut-and-carry, and for hay or pellets and silage production.

Provides useful standover or deferred feed. Valuable for soil conservation, as a turf, and as a cover crop in orchards

Soil requirements
Grows on a wide range of soils, but best in relatively fertile, well-drained soils.

Adapted over a broad range of soil pH (4.5-8.5), but grows best when the pH is above 5.5.

Very drought tolerant by virtue of rhizome survival through drought-induced dormancy over periods of up to 7 months.

Tolerates at least several weeks of deep flooding not shade tolerant and yields decrease rapidly with increasing shade.

It usually dies out under medium to dense shade


 Extremely tolerant of heavy grazing, but more productive if correctly managed.

Regular grazing and nitrogen fertilisation are necessary to maintain quality.

Cut for hay or silage when 30-40 cm tall or every 4-6 weeks, usually when in full bloom.

4 cuttings per year are possible. A stubble height of 5-10 cm under grazing or cutting gives good regrowth and maintains sward density.

Renovate by ploughing or discing when sod-bound.

Seed is best sown onto a very well prepared, fine, weed-free seedbed and rolled in
Seedlings usually root down quickly
It suppresses weeds well if kept mown or grazed closely and fertilised.
Generally not planted with other grasses
Pests and diseases: Rust and leafspot are the major fungal diseases.Armyworm, tropical grass webworm, spittlebug and bermudagrass mite are major pests

Ability to spread
C. dactylon spreads rapidly by rhizomes and stolons, and also by seed. It can spread over 2 m/month during the growing season, a single plant forming a dense sward up to 25 m across in 2.5 years.
Weed potential  It is difficult to eradicate with chemicals or cultivation, and can become a serious weed in cultivated land. Declared weed in over 80 countries.
Feeding value
Nutritive value 
Crude protein varies with age of material and level of nitrogen fertilisation, from about 3 to 9% in old grass, to about 20% in young, well-fertilised grass.
It is very palatable if kept short in growth and fertilized. Excellent grazing for village  geese, ducks, goats, cattle and buffaloes if not trampled too much by these latter heavy beasts.

The rhizomes are given to horses



Unhulled Bermuda Couch

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