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Carb Iron 4 L | Carbine Chemicals

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  • Concentrated oral organo-chelated iron solution for horses
  • an instant reinforcement of biological iron for all horses.

Given to horses daily guarantees they will receive an influx of highly concentrated biological iron, ensuring highest dietary requirements are consistently filled.

  • a liquefied blend of organically rich biological iron with influential co-factors essential for maximum iron absorption.
  • May assist in the formation of red blood cells, haemoglobin and myoglobin.

Carb-Iron & Carbine-E can be mixed together in the same feed with no loss of potency.

You have the choice of daily mixing thoroughly into the feed- or for allocation by syringe.

Dosing by syringe quickly measures the required amounts accurately and no contents are left behind in the dispenser after administration.

See label for recommended daily dose rates.

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