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a tasty, balanced and highly nutritious premium feed ensures that your hens are getting the superior nutrition they need.

a tasty, balanced and highly nutritious premium feed of a carefully blended combination of cereal grains, poultry pellet, lucerne chaff and sunflowers ensures that your hens are getting the superior nutrition they need.

Using the very best grains available, Jenco Chook Candy also includes:

  • A vitamin and mineral premix for enhanced health
  • Limestone to strengthen the egg shells
  • Natural sweeteners (molasses and oil) to improve the taste.

Jenco Chook Candy is a supplementary feed for domestic chickens and other poultry, giving you the peace of mind that your birds are getting the fundamental nutrients they need to remain healthy and happy.

All natural

All products are 100% natural vegetarian feeds that are free from Restricted Animal Material (RAM*), medication, antibiotics, hormones, artificial colours and flavourings.

Quality guarantee

In making this product Jenco source only the very best grains and use strict quality control procedures to remove all impurities to ensure a superior quality nutritious feed every time.

Premium ingredients

This formulation consists of ingredients selected from the following list: Wheat, Maize, Sorghum, Oats, Poultry Pellet, Black Sunflowers, Lucerne Chaff, Limestone, Vitamin and Mineral premix, Molasses and Vegetable Oil.


Suitable for all breeds of Poultry over the age of 15 weeks.

Make sure clean water is always available.

In addition to the mash, your hens will also benefit from access to pastures


Store in a cool, dry place, preferably in a sealable vermin-proof container

Nutritional Analysis

  • Protein 10.0% min. Fat 2.70% min.
  • Crude Fibre 5.90% max. Calcium 2.70% min. Salt 0.10% min.

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