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Combo Chaff Maintenance Mix Molassified | Sprengers

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What is Chaff ?

Chaff is really just a fancy word for something very simple: chopped hay.

Why Chaff?

In short, feeding chaff with your horse’s concentrated feeds/ grains is all about increasing chewing time.

Mixing and feeding it with Grains requires horses to chew grain more thoroughly, produce more saliva and slows down the processing time of Starches and Sugars reducing the chances of hindgut acidosis, ulcers and colic

Why Molassified Combo Chaff Maintenance Mix

Maintenance Mix Chaff is a blend of (Lucerne, Oaten, Wheaten & Molasses), which will generally make it more palatable and enjoyable.

Sprengers has been producing chaff since the early 1900's and is passionate about their product.

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