Gardenscapes (Lawn) Pride

In conjunction with our Lawn Care Supplier, Lawn Pride, the Gardenscapes Team recently undertook a Quest.

A sales challenge!

Armed with knowledge gained from a comprehensive product knowledge session conducted by Lawn Pride Guru, Rusty, our Team set about promoting the benefits of Lawn Pride to our customers.

The Mission:

The particulars of their mission included:

  • advising people on product use,
  • specific turf fertilizing programs,
  • herbicide & pesticide controls
  • turf renovations.

The Reward:

The Team member who recorded the highest sales of Lawn Pride products for September earned themselves a Lawn Pride fitted Cap and t-shirt.

There certainly was some light-hearted competitiveness throughout the month as each team member passionately espoused the benefits of using Lawn Pride products.

Any customer that asked questions about or showed any interest in the Lawn Pride product range found themselves learning more than anticipated.


The Team assured us there were no shenanigans involving the Team attempting to steal sales off one another!


The Result:

The image shows the winning sales team member Paul Fleming (centre) and close runner-up, Lex Burgess (left).

Also pictured is our Lawn Pride Ambassador, Sam Kay (right).

Well done to all the Sales Team, our knowledge and ability to assist our customers has improved from your efforts

Thank you to Lawn Pride for the prize donations.


No doubt because of this effort, a large slice of the Moreton Bay Region will be experiencing lush and healthier lawns!

And remember,

                    The grass is always greener,

                                                             Once you fertilize it!