Rock Painting - Handy Hints to Start

Originally posted on an earlier version of our webpage (around 2019), we thought with the current circumstances, it may help people find a new hobby / activity that need not take up lots of room.

Perhaps painting some Rocks or looking to find hidden rocks when out next  ... A surprise somewhere on your day to day journeys!

Rock Painting?

The following information was kindly supplied by some of the members of MBCR MORETON BAY COMMUNITY ROCKS (Fairy Way)

It only takes a quick search of Facebook to find how many Rock Painting Groups there are out there and how popular they are.

There is likely to be a group not too far from you!

There are also likely to be local Art Gallery's around and many hosted "painting get-togethers" that may be able to guide you to a new passion.

Do we have the time?

If you think you feel the need to get some creative juices going and you're not sure how committed you want to be, or if you are looking to give it a go, need something to help keep the kids occupied with the delayed start to the 2022 School year, then below are easy steps to get started with some simple to source supplies!

What Steps to take

There are images for each step at the end of the article

Step 1.
  • Start by choosing a natural finish pebble as polished rocks have wax and don’t take paint well.
  • Consider the shape of the rock in relation to the design planned.
Step 2.
  • Apply acrylic sealer/undercoat to rock.
  • Not always necessary, but it does give the topcoat colour more depth and ‘pop’.
Step 3.
  • Apply acrylic paint for topcoat colour of your choice
Step 4.
  • Choose your design and application method.
  • This can be
    • hand-painted,
    • serviette application,
    • vinyl adhesive stickers
    • or tattoo transfers.
Step 5.
  • With serviette technique, apply a thin layer of clear-drying, PVA glue over the rock, place serviette onto rock and apply another thin layer of glue over the top and let dry.

Step 6.
  • Glue a label onto the back of the rock indicating information such as origin or applicable Rock Community Group.
Step 7.
  • Lastly, seal your creation with a clear acrylic lacquer for protection.

Your rock is now ready to hide or travel around.

You are only limited by your imagination!


Not got a lot of rocks?

Kashmiri Natural Pebbles in a variety of sizes and colours and are a favourite to use by many Rock Painters,  but there are others - we show some to consider at the end of the article.

images supplied by: MBCR MORETON BAY COMMUNITY ROCKS (Fairy Way) | Dayboro Art Gallery