The whole world is short-staffed...
Society is currently experiencing unparalleled times due to the current pandemic.

The impact on people’s lives, health and livelihoods may be more far-reaching than any previous event in history.

We must consider the secondary and even tertiary flow-on effects this pandemic is creating.

All industries are being affected by a reduction in supply availability, manufacturing, transportation, and reduced employee attendance from COVID cases & isolations.

The resilience of front-line, essential workers cannot be overstated, like medical staff performing duties in the face of their own health fears. Nevertheless, it also creates challenging situations for retail outlets such as our own business.

A combination of the above issues, with frustration and agitation from wearing masks, negative media and arguments over Pro/Anti Vax have seemingly lit a powder keg of human reactions.

Unfortunately, this has exploded in the face of dedicated employees simply trying to carry out their duties as part of a customer service team.

Our team have experienced, as most other retail outlets have, negative or unsavoury reactions from customers.

Most are upset about everything from COVID-related product supply to refusing to follow COVID protocols such as sign-ins and mask-wearing.

Thankfully this has been in the minority.

Despite this, our team continue to display the utmost diplomacy and strive to achieve solutions for our customers.

It may be human nature to focus on how we, as individuals, may be inconvenienced and frustrated by delays and unavailable products.

But it is also imperative to display something that we are all capable of...

Empathy towards each other.


Every person is affected in some way by this pandemic.

We would like to believe that every person can also exhibit understanding and patience in the face of these challenges.

The whole world is short-staffed...

Please be kind to those who turn up.