Small Delivery Handy Tipper Ute

Do you know that we have Tipper Utes?

Why a Tipper Ute you may ask? ...

You may need a small quantity, larger than a couple of bags, but have no access to a trailer or tow bar to borrow our courtesy trailer...

You only have a smaller block and are worried that our smallest truck (which still looks quite big) will look ridiculously huge for what you need and won't quite fit or get to where you want your goods?

No Worries, you can get that smaller quantity and not shake your head as the amount coming out of the back of that huge truck looks smaller than it really is.

Our Tipper Ute can carry up to 750kg of weigh-able products like Soil, Stone, Crusher dust, Concrete blend, bags of Cement etc.

Or in lighter non weigh-able product up to 2m3 - like most of our Mulches.

... fit in a trailer if you had one?... consider asking for delivery by our Tipper Ute.

Tipper Ute

Find out more the next time you are in or talking to us.

We look forward to Delivering Lifestyle Solutions