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q: What days and times do you deliver?

Deliveries are completed:

  • Monday to Saturday between 7.00 am – 4.00 pm
  • Sundays 8.00 am – 3.00 pm

For trade customers, times may be able to be earlier.

Check with us if you require a delivery outside of these times as we can work with you to arrange a time that suits your needs.

q: What time will my order be delivered?

The goods in your order will dictate time a little.

Most deliveries we complete should be between:

    7.00am and 4.00pm Monday to Saturday 8.30 am – 3.00 pm on Sundays

If the delivery is goods we are delivering, then we will advise you a time to expect the delivery.

If there are delays due to traffic incidents, we will call you to keep you updated (see our Delivery Guarantee).

Unfortunately, for some goods, we are not able to specify an exact delivery time, but we will do our best to provide an expected time frame.

This includes deliveries completed by suppliers for certain goods like:

    Retaining & Pavers goods such as Concrete Sleepers, Blocks, Pavers,
    Turf Group, Multi Drop or Ring Run Deliveries.
    Deliveries completed by a third party such as couriers and some smaller items.

Tracking information will be supplied where available.

q: What are the Delivery Guidelines?

Deliveries are to the kerb side only; our driver will endeavour to place the goods as close as possible to the jobsite but is under no obligation to do so.

Deliveries that require us to exit and re-enter the carriageway will be subject to charges in addition to the standard delivery fee.

If we are requested to exit and re-enter the public carriageway, all care will be taken, but We accept no responsibility for damage to property, above or below Ground-level , or debris as a result of our exiting or re-entering.

Any damage/breakage that may occur to site and product become the customers responsibility.

For access to your property through neighbouring land, it is your responsibility to have written permission prior to delivery.

We will follow customer instructions and do the delivery without the need to sight the written permission; should any damage occur to the site; it will be the customers responsibility.

We reserve the right to charge A delivery surcharge on weekends and Public Holidays.

q: How long between when I place an order and when I get my goods?

Deliveries are processed promptly upon receipt of full payment.

The more notice you can give us the more likely we will be able to deliver at the time you request.

If it is a last-minute order, we suggest calling us to see what we can do to assist.

First up delivery spots are a favourite of the Trade, so if you are looking for an early delivery and it is for the next day, or the beginning of the week, it may be best to call us to at least book the time slot, then mention the booking when placing your order.

Once you have placed your order our busy team will check the products, the delivery location, and any special requests.

If it is all straightforward;

  • We will coordinate with our Delivery Team in finding an appropriate delivery time.
  • We will send you an email confirming the details.

If there are any questions, we will contact you to clarify them.

If we need to order goods in - some Concrete Sleepers, Pavers etc, once we have an update we will keep you informed of the next step as each step progresses.

q: Can I pick the Delivery day?

We do our best to accommodate your request. Give us as much notice as you can, and we will work to meet your needs.

Depending on your order and size may determine vehicle availability.

q: What areas do you deliver to?

We deliver to the greater Brisbane area – from the Sunshine Coast, to the Gold Coast and the Ipswich Area. Not sure, drop us an email from our contact form to make sure we do deliver to your suburb.

q: How is the delivery charge worked out?

Delivery Charges are worked out by the way the goods will be delivered, and where they are being delivered to.

For individual items such as some of the fertilisers, these may be:

Shipped direct from the supplier and appropriate courier charges will apply.


If the delivery area is local they may be added to the next Ring Run / Group delivery option.

For Bulk products that will be tipped, like Soil, Stone, Mulch; we will take the size of the order into consideration and they will be delivered by a Small or Large truck. (Please See Vehicle Dimensions page)

While Our delivery policy is to the kerbside only, our drivers do their best to tip the goods as close as possible to where you would like them but are under no obligation to do so.

The driver on the day will make the final ruling on delivery placement based on a number of criteria.

There are constraints and restrictions to what we can do.

If you have access concerns you can start your research on our Vehicle Dimensions Page, and give us a call.

Together we can talk through and work out the best options.

q: How are my goods delivered?

Delivery Lead times for Product

Bulk Materials

5-6 Business Hours. If you place your order at 8:00AM you can expect to take your delivery by around 2:00PM on the same day if required. Please note, some flexibility is required. We will generally give you a call to clarify instructions and actual delivery times we can offer.

Retaining, Blocks & Pavers

Retaining Wall Blocks: eg: National Masonry, Adbri Masonry, Austral/GB Masonry

If your order is 2 pallets or more, and your order is placed by 12:00PM, delivery may be able to be the next business day. Usually completed within 24-48 Hours.

Orders placed after 12:00PM will not be scheduled for the next business day but rather to take place the following business day after if possible .

As the supplier will generally complete the delivery We are not able to guarantee times for the delivery.

Your request for a specific time will be noted and taken into consideration when truck scheduling occurs.

Due to the nature of ‘milk-run / ring-run’ type deliveries the best we can offer is a delivery window on the day of delivery.

Pavers – Boutique manufacturers such as Edenstone

From 24-48 Hours up to 10 business days.

The more mainstream lines and colours such as Charcoal or Cream 400x400mm pavers, there is usually a quantity of stock on hand. Depending on quantity needed may be delivered within 24 Hours.

All other products may need to be made to order and take up to 10 business days.

Please confirm at the time of ordering.

Any request for a specific time will be noted and taken into consideration when truck scheduling occurs.

Due to the nature of ‘milk-run / ring run’ type deliveries the best we can offer is a delivery window on the day of delivery.


All stocked timber products can be delivered by Gardenscapes on our tip trucks, usuallywithin 5-6 Business Hours.

If you place your order at 8:00AM there may be an opportunity to complete your delivery by around 2:00PM on the same day, if required.

Please note, some flexibility is required. Your request for a specific time will be noted and taken into consideration when truck scheduling occurs.

Due to the nature of ‘milk-run / ring run’ type deliveries the best we can offer is a delivery window on the day of delivery.

Delivery by Crane truck may take longer depending on other bookings.

q: There’s a product I want that you don’t have, will you place a Special order for me?

Yes, we are happy to source products and do special orders.

Once the product is sourced and availability / price confirmed, we ask for payment to proceed.

For Special Orders up to $250, we require the goods paid in full.

If the order is more than $500, we require a minimum 50% non-refundable* deposit.

We will contact you once the order has arrived from the supplier. Goods are to be collected within 5 days of being advised they have arrived in store.

*Once the order is with the supplier, the deposit is non-refundable. However, if the goods are not available, the deposit would be refunded

q: Turf

Turf is delivered direct to site Monday to Saturday

The order must be placed before 10am on a business day to have a chance to be delivered the next delivery day.

Orders placed after this time will generally not be considered for next day delivery but the delivery day after.

If you are ordering in advance and have a request for a specific day, please include this in the additional comments area when completing your order.

Depending on which Turf farm the order comes from, you may get a text or email the day before delivery with a window time frame that delivery is anticipated to be completed in.

q: What If I have made a mistake in my order and need to change an item?

If you have inadvertently ordered a wrong item, need to cancel, add or subtract from your original order either call or email straight away quoting the order reference number.

You will generally have a minimum of 48 hours to do this.

We will then arrange to adjust the order and either raise a charge or credit if there is any difference in the total price.

If you delay contacting us or it is after midday the day before the order is scheduled to be delivered it may cause additional charges to recall or reroute deliveries especially if they have been dispatched in preparation for delivery.

q: What if I order too much?

Unfortunately, we do not accept the return of surplus product.

We do recommend that you order approximately 10% extra for variables such as product compaction.

Any product left over can be put away for any future repairs.

During the order process, if you are not sure about which goods you require, we are more than happy, as part of our customer service process, to spend time with you by phone or email, providing advice on product selection, volume requirements and information specific to your order and delivery, including logistic planning.

q: What Payment Options can I use?

Payment can be made using MasterCard or Visa.

Your debit card may be able to be used as most these days are multifunctional and not just a straight ATM card, a lot have access to MasterCard or Visa to access your funds.

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