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Spartan Pre-Emergent 500ml | Lawn Pride

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A pre-emergent herbicide - Creates a barrier in the top 15ml of soil. Stops Root Growth.

A pre-emergent herbicide used to prevent the occurrence of weeds such as Crowsfoot Grass, Summer Grass, Winter Grass, Paspalum and other grassy weeds.

  • Creates a barrier in the top 15ml of soil.
  • Stops Root Growth.
  • Protection for up to 6 months for weed germination
  1. Effective against all major annual grass weeds in turf during summer and winter
  2. Season-long control of annual weeds
  3. Reduces future weed set and germination
  4. Reduces the reliance on costly selective post-emergent herbicides
  5. Flexibility to delay wash-in for a few days if necessary

Use this product with HydraMaxx for more effective results

Consider Applying Spartan first and then treating with Bow and Arrow for comprehensive coverage.

Use before the heat of Summer

Starting at the end of Winter is the perfect time.

Application Rate:

  • 10mL-40mL/100sqm
  • Water in thoroughly after application.
  • Application should be prior to germination of the weeds.

500mL of Spartan can treat up to 1250sqm.

best applied with a backpack or handheld sprayer to ensure even application.

Sprayer calibration is recommended.

Application: Garden Beds and Potted Plants

DO NOT apply over the top of existing mulch.

When used on garden beds or potted plants wash in immediately with minimum 3 mm rain or irrigation.

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More Information

Spartan SDS

Spartan Calibration  What is it and Why?

TC-Spartan Herbicide Leaflet

Spartan Info Sheet

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