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At Gardenscapes Landscapes & Produce Centre, we are dedicated to the Trade & Construction Industry.

Gardenscapes Trade Division currently services over 1000 trade clients.

Our clients range from Construction Companies, Builders, Developers, Civil Contractors, Bricklayers, Landscapers, Plumbers, Concreters, Tilers, Plant Operators & Home Maintenance Professionals.

We do business with Nationwide companies right down to sole operators. No company is too big or too small in our eyes.

We pride ourselves on maintaining an extremely high degree of return business and customer loyalty by fostering a close, professional association with our trade customers.

We believe this results in a better understanding of each business and allows us to deliver solutions, not just products. To demonstrate this commitment, Gardenscapes offers the tradie personalised service with our dedicated Trade Managers. 

Our Trade Managers possess a wealth of experience and knowledge in the building industry and can help your business by:

  • Project Pricing Package & Quotes
  • On site meetings
  • Co-ordinating deliveries and project logistics
  • Organising 30-day EOM credit accounts
  • Product procurement
  • Research on industry trends and construction hotbeds
  • Generating opportunities through our Customer Referrals 

Gardenscapes don’t just offer products. An integral part of our service is our Customer Facilitation.

Due to the industry network, we have established, we can facilitate potential new work for our trade customers.

This service can be Builders looking for Sub-Contractors & vice versa or our loyal retail customer based needing a tradesperson to perform private work. 

We figure if you are busy, … we will be busy too!

Have you ever calculated the cost to your business by paying your workers to sit idle waiting for a delivery that is late?

Our Delivery Guarantee and advance delivery booking system is in place to ensure minimum downtime on site, so you achieve a productive return from your business.

If you don’t currently deal with Gardenscapes, contact our Trade Managers via phone or email and find out how we can assist your business because at Gardenscapes

Growing Your Business
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