Delivery Guarantee

Want to know more about our Delivery Service?

One of the services Gardenscapes offer is the delivery of product to site.
We provide this with our well-maintained fleet of delivery vehicles ranging from utes, body tippers, Truck & Dog & Crane trucks. (and even self-delivery with our Courtesy Trailer).
We are aware and responsive to the importance of timely deliveries to any job site to ensure our customers do not incur costly downtime issues.
To this end, Gardenscapes offer a “Delivery Guarantee” to ensure all efforts get taken to transport deliveries to our customers within a stated and agreed timeframe.

The guarantee information is as follows:

Gardenscapes Delivery Guarantee

  • All deliveries will arrive on-site no later than 30 minutes after the nominated time. Any unforeseen circumstance ‘out of Gardenscapes control’ that may affect this timeframe get factored into this guarantee.
  • Should any factors affect this guarantee, the customer will get notified of impending delays.
“Delivery on time is our guarantee”

Gardenscapes employ trusted processes to maintain this guarantee, including:

  • Understanding travel times between stores and site.
  • Considering factors than can affect timing, including traffic issues, weather conditions and site delays.
  • Utilizing ‘Real-Time’ tracking, including truck GPS and traffic websites.
  • Efficient loading before delivery.
  • Communication between Vehicle Drivers, Sales Office & Customers.

All this while making sure our drivers adhere to speed limits en route!

Being able to deliver to a set schedule allows our customers peace-of-mind planning their day around the delivery window Gardenscapes provide.

Size or number of Vehicles completing the delivery.

When you place an order and arrange delivery with Gardenscapes, our team will designate the appropriate delivery vehicle based on several variables. All Trailers are also subject to regulations about loads and maximum weights they can carry.

Overall weight of the load

Any registered vehicles that access a public road is required, by law, to abide by State Government Transport Authorities regulations regarding GVM & payload limits.

GVM (Gross Vehicle Mass) is the maximum weight a truck can carry "including" its "own" weight.

GVM is the maximum or total weight of a loaded rigid vehicle (including body, payload, fuel and driver).

The figure gets set by the manufacturer and lodged with the registration authorities that govern all applications.

The GVM figure gets stamped on the compliance plate of the vehicle.

The Payload weight is the maximum weight a vehicle can carry and gets calculated by taking the vehicle weight only from the total GVM the manufacturer sets.

GVM = 18ton
Vehicle unladen weight = 6 ton
Payload maximum = 12 ton

Not following these regulations results in "heavy" fines due to the dangerous nature an overloaded vehicle can represent, hence why companies utilize certified loading scales to ensure load compliance and safety.

Nature of Product Delivered

Certain products, such as Mulch, may not exceed the payload limits of weight due to the "lightness" of the product.

The load size gets limited by the dimensions of the vehicle load space, which varies depending on the products compaction ability.

Overloading can result in the product falling out during transit, creating a safety issue and loss of purchased product.

On-Site Access

While a legally loaded vehicle can access a public road, site access and conditions can limit load sizes and affect delivery vehicle selection.

It is imperative to match the delivery vehicles dimensions with site access limits such as gate & fencing, overhead cables & roofing and tight turning circles.

In some instances, your delivery may incur extra charges due to a large load that may need fulfilling as multiple smaller deliveries.

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