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Delivering Lifestyle


A part of our daily focus is Delivering Lifestyle Solutions to our customers.

We do this with a commitment to our Quality, Quantity and Delivery Guarantee. Our commitment drives us to constantly build and maintain strong relationships with our customers while adhering to policies and processes to ensure it happens.

Our Client base is broad and ranges from Retail, Homeowners and Landscape Design Professionals to Multi-Arm construction companies, Government bodies, Schools, Aged Care Facilities and Sole Operators.

We strive to achieve customer service excellence while being guided by our Core Values.

Derived from Team Members input, Our Core Values reflect the vision and culture of our business.

Our Core Values are:

Build Strong Customer Relationships

We work towards Building supportive & mutually beneficial relationships with our customers by understanding the needs and challenges they may get presented with, allowing us to offer solutions, not just products.

Operate Through Positive Business Ethics

We conduct Our interactions with customers, supplie rs, industry leaders and the community with transparency and honesty.

We focus on achieving positive outcomes for all concerned.

Provide Quality Products & Services

As a reseller, we realize the importance of identifying market needs.

We work hard to ensure we offer the best ‘cost-effective’ options to customers by aligning with quality suppliers and products.

We like suppliers that offer quality products and provide quality support and education about their products.

These relationships allow us to ensure customers confidence in their purchases and get the correct product and advice.

Maintain A Safe Environment

We hold Customer & Team Member safety & wellbeing as our highest priority.

Our business has a thorough, integrated OH&S program.

It includes monthly Hazard Identification Checks, Vehicle Maintenance, Plant operation Licensing, Environmental Impact and Team Member wellness considerations.

Be Competitive In The Marketplace

Gardenscapes appreciate the vital role cost competitiveness plays in the trade & retail industry.

Strong relationships with our suppliers enable us to achieve better pricing and service, which we can pass on to our customers where possible.

Being competitive entails far more than simply offering reasonable prices. To us, it means providing excellence in customer service, backup support, on-time deliveries and providing a memorable customer experience.

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