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Gardenscapes' Team strive to create a memorable experience for our customers when purchasing products.

The whole process of choosing products and preparing for your projects can sometimes be a rather daunting affair.

Our Team are here to assist you and to make your experience easier.

Here is a step-through guide to shopping with Gardenscapes.


Whether you’ve been inspired by

  • watching home improvement shows on TV,
  • looking at your neighbours recently renovated back yard with envy,
  • or grown tired of the unfunctional eyesore in your yard,

setting about rejuvenating your landscaping can be a challenging yet rewarding project.

Once you have the vision of what you want, the next step on your journey is choosing suitable materials, getting the right advice and guidance.

Gather your information to carry out your project

By doing this, it will not only help with product selection, but it may determine if some, or all of the project, may need to be carried out by a Landscape professional (We can help with trade referrals).

This information should include any potential structural certification required by your local council.

Contact Us

You can do this in a few ways

  • Email us your enquiry via the “Contact Us” page on here
  • Give our Team a call
  • Come into one of our stores

Taking the time to chat with us helps us advise you on what products are suitable for your project. There may be a few different options in product selection you can discuss with us.

If you are not quite sure about your final quantity requirements, we can talk you through the measurement process and even calculate it for you.

Visiting our stores enable you to see our products first-hand to get a better perspective on your choices and application.

We offer our customers an onsite service where one of our experienced Team can pop around and assist you with product selection, quantity needs and even check delivery access for your location.

Whichever contact method you choose, you will benefit from the guidance of our knowledgeable, enthusiastic and supportive Team to give you confidence in your purchase.

Finalizing Your Order

Once you have finalized your decisions, we take the stress out of the order process for you.

We can organize your delivery over the phone or in-store, quite often the same day.

By joining our Club, we can not only record your delivery details for the future but maintain historical information about your purchases. This ‘helps us help you’ next time should you may be working to "match up" future product purchases or quantities.

Organizing Payments

We offer a variety of payment methods to suit everyone

  • EFTPOS or Cash instore
  • Credit Card over-the-phone
  • Portable EFTPOS or Cash onsite at the time of delivery
  • Bank Transfer (payment must clear before delivery)
  • If you are a Trade Business, we can assist with a Credit Card Debit Authority or Credit Account option.

(Unfortunately, we do not accept Cheques or AMEX)

Pick Up Or Delivery?

The two ways for you to receive the goods you require are

  • Instore Pick Ups with your Car/Ute/Trailer/Truck
  • Gardenscapes or Third-Party delivery

Instore pickups are worry-free.

By incorporating our Weights & Measures protocols, you will be loaded safely and legally to the limits of your vehicle.

Our Team will give you clear direction so you can navigate around the storage compound safely.

Your order will be 'radioed' to our loader operator, who will guide you to a safe location for loading.

Our storage compound has plenty of room to maneuver a trailer and one-way traffic flow, so you don’t need to reverse your trailer.

Deliveries are organized by our Team and come with our 'Delivery Guarantee'

We will give you an onsite delivery time.

Our Customer Service Team & Our Fleet truck drivers ensure your delivery arrives within a 30-minute window.

This means you are not sitting around waiting or costing you money.

You can book your delivery the same day if available, or any day in advance 7 days a week.

Upon arrival, Our Fleet drivers will assess your site to check for any safety concerns and will endeavour to place your products as close to where you need, for ease of use.

While the mentioned safety concerns may prevent our trucks from getting your product exactly where you wish, we will make an effort to unload it as close as possible to your preferred area and left in a contained manner.

If your site has access issues or the potential for product loss, you may consider getting your products in a Bulka Bag.

Follow Up Support

Your completed delivery is not necessarily the last contact you’ll have with us.

Should you have any concerns, we are more than happy to chat with you about any issues that may arise as we are a Solution-Based business.

We appreciate getting feedback from our customers so we can continue to improve our business.

And, we love getting pics of our customer’s completed jobs to see our products and how they are being put to use!

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