Hi & Welcome to Gardenscapes


Welcome to Gardenscapes.

Whether today is your first or a return visit, we appreciate your time and support.

We hope we can answer most of your questions. If you don't find what you are looking for, please, contact us by phone or email, or pop into one of our stores!

We will do what we can to get you answers to your questions.


Firstly! - Welcome to our NEW webpage! ????????????

Our webpage, including our online store, has been quite a journey to get us here.

We have been on many adventures and side journeys to get our project to what you see today.

At different stages, it has involved quite a lot of participation from all the team. This alone helps us relate to some of the things you may need to do in preparation for projects, so please do not hesitate to reach out to us with your questions. Including research, finding out details on products and options available.

There are more products than you will find on our page.

More products and functionality will appear each day for a while from now on.

Please keep in mind, as we work through getting the different areas and sections of our new page set up, any previous logins will not be activated from the beginning, but that we will be working towards doing that over the coming weeks.


If you are not seeing what you are looking for, please, reach out to us.

We are more than happy to start your enquiry by your preferred communication choice, phone call or email.

We will just mention that most Landscapes and Animal Feed projects will undoubtedly lead us to use all of them at some stage as we progress.

We're here to help, from needing a chat to clarify things or delivery options, perhaps an email to confirm others, such as measurements or the lay of the land.

In some situations, we can arrange onsite visits.

If you need or would like a delivery the day you are placing your order, you are best to call us to check availability.

We do our best to get deliveries completed as quickly as possible but there are days that we get booked out.

You can be book your preferred Delivery days and times in advance. Your order can then be placed and paid for online no later than lunchtime the day before the scheduled delivery.


Thanks for visiting us today